so we are going to malta in a few days. i did some research on this little island. it seems at one time, the Apostle Paul may have actually shipwrecked here on one of his missionary journeys. and the hospitality of the islanders is still be rivaled to this day. hidden in the medieval annals of the life of this island is a bit of history from some of the warrior monks we now know as the Crusaders and they used this island as a base for some of their operations. they called themselves “St. John’s” group. if you go into a grocery story and you are either in the medical aisle looking for gauze or in the face cream aisle you might come across a brand by the name of “St. John’s Wort”, a brand inspired after these warrior monks who daylighted as doctors to help those in need, even at times there enemies. they used their wisdom to help those in pain. those chose the higher ground of compassion to meet people at the point of their need. i haven’t been there yet, but, i hope to come back with even more insight on this short trip/holiday. i think travelling gives us the opportunity to see that the world is bigger than we are. that the world is beautiful and diverse and that is also gives us some insight into humanity…


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  1. Societyvs · August 24, 2009

    I was just in Greece (in July) – hopefully this is very fun vacation!


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