Repenting again.

Another thought on this idea of repenting that I talked about before (post below). There are more verses dedicated to encouraging, challenging, commanding and empowering Israel that they should be the ones to repent. When John the Baptist comes on the scene and spouts out the invitation to repent for the Kingdom of God is near (inside of us), the first ones on the scene are the Pharisees (aka, Israel). Yes, there are verses dedicated to inviting those outside of the Israeli tribe to join in on this new kind of mental reformation (e.g., Book of Jonah), but for the most part, most of the scripture we have is dedicated to getting the “Church” or Israel or the People of God back on the right track. That we as a movement of people who say we believe in God seem to get it wrong most of the time. Now, before this seems like a simple rant at the Church. God wouldn’t invite repentance as an option if He didn’t think we could. And repentance has less to do with condemnation and more to do with realization. It is an “a-ha!” moment and figuring out how I have been living isn’t the best for me or the best for others or the community i am a part of. see repentance is about us changing and reforming ourselves so we could then go out and change and reform the world…


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