muslims and christians together.

The more and more I see different religions working together, the more I am reminded of the verse that we should “love one another” and what that looks like. It encourages me to hear stories like the ones below… what do you think?

Christian Aid and Muslim Hands working together in Burma

Muslim Hands and Christian Aid have teamed up with one of the local Buddhist Monasteries in a ground breaking inter-faith initiative in Burma.

Together, they built 128 new houses for families who had lost theirs in Cyclone Nargis.

When the cyclone hit Burma on the night of 2 May 2008 it caused massive devastation and destruction in Rangoon and across the Irrawaddy delta.

The area of Kungyangone was particularly badly hit, causing almost total destruction to the villages there. Yet by late 2008, very few of the survivors in this area had received any assistance from humanitarian agencies with most of them living in makeshift, temporary shelters.

Even worse, after the disaster very few people in Kunyangone were left with any way of earning a living. Most were reduced to day to day survival, with no chance of ever being able to save enough money to rebuild their homes.

But thanks to Muslim Hands and Christian Aid, not only have 128 new houses been built but so have new tube wells and latrines.

As one beneficiary said: ‘Such kind of a house would never be able to be built within ten reincarnations.’

Syed Lakhte Hassanain, chairman of Muslim Hands, said ‘this recent partnership between two organsiations has opened a new venture for faith based charities to work together for alleviating poverty throughout the globe.

The houses that have been built are of a practical design and have used local materials and local workmen so that they can be easily copied and reproduced.

They are also designed with disasters in mind, with an internal platform for people to shelter on if the floods return.

Daleep Mukarji, director of Christian Aid, added ‘working together with Muslim Hands means that we have been able to help more people more quickly. Not only is it good news for the people for Burma, but it shows all people of faith in the UK what we can do when we work together. I hope this is the start of more collaborations to come.’


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