do we need to be ‘christian’.

we give things designations and titles. a tree is called a tree. a car is deemed a car because it has 2-4 wheels (typically). a lamb is a lamb and so on. it tells us what the item or object is. so, are christians, items and objects? do we really need to walk around and proclaim that we are christians? the origin of that word would respond to that question with a resounding ‘no’. in the time of the early church, they were running from persecution. not that they were afraid of it, but they were also being wise. jesus never claimed to be christian. never came out and had a one hour speech on how he was proud of being a jew either. he simply lived life in this deep mystical compassion that permeated all he did. what if that’s what we’re supposed to do? that Christianity was never meant to be some guiltfest of emotions into whether or not we are using the name of Christ or Christian in a sense. What if he meant more? not that we never should. but do we REALLY need to use the title? some might say yes, because of a misreading of how jesus says he will be ashamed of us, if you look deeper into that verse, he is saying something else that what we have made it to mean now. check it out. the stigma of the title as christian is almost become what it initially was, a public slam for those craz people who follow a rabbi. yet, i would add that a sect of people who think they are right and everyone else is wrong. unfortunately, this is the gist of christianity now. people project that we think we are arrogant and the ‘enlightened ones’ and once someone jumps through the right hoops then they are part of the club. what if its time to put the label up on the shelf and actually start living out life as a person dedicated to the movement of jesus christ rather than a man-made movement called christianity? just a thought.


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  1. Justin Carroll · October 12, 2009

    While I can relate to disassociating from an idea because of the popularized connotation I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to take the name back for what it really means. I don’t feel from reading your post that you mean the name of Christianity any harm, but that you think it different than what it’s become.

    And if we’re throwing labels out that are absolute what better one to throw out than Republican or Democrat or dare I say it, American, no? Ask any eastern country about an American and you’ll be wanting to retract that label as well I assume. I’m being rhetorical, but honest.

    Maybe the better idea is to not lift labels above their proper use, as merely descriptors. I’m with Jonathan Edwards – it would be a defect of the English language to use a lengthy description instead of a name.

    I found your post because it showed up under the “Related Posts” for the one I just wrote on this subject.


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