so. i am just having one of those days. where i feel like the wind. there is this swell of emotions that just makes me wish i could fly, fly far far away. i wish could do that right now. this moment. take flight. leave it all behind. this scream has been building up in me for a long time. it has been a few weeks since my soul has wanted just to leap out of my flesh and proclaim its freedom. not that i think my flesh is a prison. i am not stoic enough! but i just feel like everything would fall in place. that order would be restored to my chaos. but then again, i don’t know where i would be without my chaos. and so a scream seems appropriate. more than appropriate. i wish i could find a mountaintop to scream from. loud and long.

a scream is where the story of hebrew people starts. they ‘cry’ out to God. and he what? he listens. he responds. in that case, i need to scream a lot more! scream with me.


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