vampire christians

so. if you died and came back to life and everyone one else was focusing on your death all the time, wouldn’t that bum you out or frustrate you? wouldn’t you almost feel like there is only one ‘good’ thing you have offered to the world, when there was more to your life than just dying a gruesome death to heal the world? what if there is more? what if like taking an eye test, we should be focusing on all the different things jesus offered in his life? creating peace. loving the unlovable. forgiving the unforgivable. healing. being subversive. and more. jesus’ life wasn’t just abous his death. also, imagine how gaudy it would be to go around wearing an electric chair because your leader died for a great cause in our day today? i don’t want to cheapen the message of the cross. but i also wonder if we are focusing way too much on the cross. almost as if we all have become what Dallas Willard calls ‘vampire christians’..where we want jesus for nothing more than his blood. almost as if he is one-dimensional. and wasn’t the point that he came to back to life as well, and the challenge for us is to follow suit, by resurrecting hope into hopeless situations? maybe we should be walking around with open tombs on our neck instead?


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