dear truth. (a letter)

dear truth,

i know we’ve often missed each other. sometimes we pass each other in the hallway at home. or down the street while crossing paths with the guy who holds the cardboard sign. i know so many throughout history have fought for you in the name of their deity. some believe you are their deity. some would kill for you. some already have. so, what’s the big deal? why are you such a hot topic all the time? what makes you the point of all the stories of all histories of all people in the world? can you enlighten me what you are? how to find you. and why you seem so hard to grasp?

i thought we were friends. and at times we have walked hand in hand through the green foliage of the nearby forests. we have danced and sipped on wine together over a candelight dinner. we have share so many wonderful moments that, even if i tried, i couldn’t forget. i wouldn’t want to. it just seems you don’t know how you feel about me or where you stand on who i am. is that true? i feel like you are more committed to betraying me and my sensibilities and my innate sense of right and wrong. maybe we’ve crowded you on your search to find who you are meant to be. for this, i am truly sorry. but, it does seems like you have come to the conclusion that it is better for you to just be yourself. and i have to be honest, that is a bit selfish and unfair. because like so many before me, i think i should have a right to define you. to mold you into a creation of my own design.

i think i might find you in my favorite television show, and sometimes like a guest appearance you surprise me by showing up there. or in a song. or in the wind. or in a conversation i don’t want to leave or maybe one i wish i was never part of. i like it when i find you in the setting sun while i am sitting on the roof waiting for the mythical green band to peek-a-boo its way back down into the horizon. that word myth has got me thinking…have we made you up? or did you make us up? are you for real? are we all just wasting our time. is it true, what they say, that you are only found in a journey. not just in one book. not in one sacred verse. not in one place. but that you decide to hide yourself in many places. that we have to go and find you. are we getting it wrong? so many are afraid of that question. they want to be sure of you, but just don’t know how. so, most (like i have been known to) choose the illusion of controlling you and who and what you should be. if i can lend one piece of advice on your journey truth, don’t let them.


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