outside of the bible: finding jesus.

i was talking to a friend of mine today and we were chatting back and forth about the Bible and the Jews. Now, the Jews and a few outsiders pretty much sum up the authorship of what we know no as Scripture. Yet, if we read scripture, from the Old to the New. One of the consistent streams throughout is that the Jews didn’t get God. They didn’t recognize and at times understand Jesus or His message. they got it wrong. yet a lot of people defend scripture and say that it is fully valid and uses the word inerrant to say it is without blemish or incorrection. yet, it was compiled by subjective people trying to hammer down objective truths (which sounds like half the conversations that are flying around today). and something my friend said got me thinking that we have to revisit Jesus who said that when we see him we see God. This is the reference we have for finding out who God is. By finding Jesus. But, we have to understand Jesus is bigger than the Bible. I might even venture to say He can be found outside of scripture. Where? I am still searching. How? I am still on the road.

But to be sure, like my friend said, it isn’t the picture I have hanging on my wall…

what are your thoughts?


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