learning to fly

i think we can see life as a lesson in flying. some start out with wings, others have to find them. but to be sure, we all can fly. we are supposed to. but flying includes falling. falling isn’t a bad thing. it is part of the journey. if we were to interview a bird, they might tell us that as humans they notice we forget to enjoy the blue in the sky. that we forget to see the green in the trees and the brown in the dirt and the beauty in all the human beings we pass and forget that we are connected to. the world was meant to be seen. life was meant to be dreamed and drinked from the heart and the lungs and the deep places within. life is a dream waiting to happen. the danger is when we forget to wake up and live the dream. the urgency is that we can be sleeping through these beautiful letdowns and never wake up and live in another reality that looks like life but really isn’t. we were meant for so much more.


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