how do we see each other?

The word ‘ruach’ is the Hebrew word for the Holy Spirit. It is also the same word for breath. What we all need to live. In the beginning of the Hebrew Scriptures, there is this creation story metaphor about how God created man and He breathed life into Adam (which is Hebrew for man, but is pluralized — so it would be rendered as ‘men’). God breathed life into mankind. But, not just life/breath through the nostrils. But He breathed the Holy Spirit throughout all of mankind. Sometimes there is language that seems to suppose that some have the Holy Spirit, and some don’t. And those who say a prayer and are saved, somehow have the breath of God even more than those who haven’t said this mysterious prayer (no one that meets Jesus says a prayer, they just follow Him) and are valued less. This should not be so. To God all people have equal value. And this realization tells us that we don’t have to ‘earn’ the Holy Spirit or favor. Cause when God saw that it was ‘good’…it was all of mankind not just the ones who follow, but all of mankind. So, how does this change the way we see each other?


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