Obama’s School Speech: Believing in yourself


Obama’s (Link below to his speech) back to school speech has reminiscent language of this Rabbi I know. It’s very empowering language. It is a theme of “You were meant for so much more. There’s hope. It’s real and alive. You are not your past. You are more. You can help change the world. You have a responsibility to.” This is a quick summary of Obama’s speech. It is so encouraging to hear these words, even now for me, when it’s taken me 12 years to finally get my degree (no regrets, mind you). There was this Jewish Rabbi who stood on this hill long ago and started dreaming out loud what the world could be…and he start telling his listeners that they had what it took to change their culture (he used the word image “salt”), then he goes on and tells them that they have the ability to be a positive influence on society, to be somebody someone else could follow after (he used the word image “light”), then he said that they could build, empower, explore what it means to be a people who follow after God’s vision for the world; that all of them could help be a part. All of them. Great stuff. Powerful. Filled with passion. We need more people, not just a president in the world who is willing to say these things to other people like Jesus did. Who believed in those around him. Do you? Do you believe in yourself and others around you? Why or why not?

Link to Obama’s Speech:


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