Looking down.

I was taking a stroll today through some beautiful new housing developments here in England and I noticed something, I was looking down a lot. Too much actually. And I was thinking about life. And overanalyzing over this and that. And realized that I tend to look down when I am focusing everything on me. When I forget that the world around me is bigger than me. When I forget that there are beautiful clouds and a mysterious deep blue sky that beckons me onward and outward. It is easy to forget that life is bigger than me and all my non-issues that I seem to be good at making out of nothing. When there is so much beauty that reminds me that God is just that close. He is as close as a tree. Or a bird. Or a word from a stranger. God came near. I can sometimes be so self-involved that the world seems to stop spinning until I get my life in order. But you and I know that this is not the case. The world keeps spinning. I keep walking. And other people have bigger problems than me, I can help them, sometimes, if I just stop looking down…


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