competition: is it good?

you go in and buy a ticket and slowly make your way through the crowds to find your seat and then after the
pre-game show, the football game commences. and the competition is on.

after sputnik was the first satellite to orbit space, america and other countries felt the urgent need to follow after.
not because the sputnik inspired them, but because the russian satellite spurred something on that most countries
felt the need to prove the rest of the world that they are that much better. competition.

our lives our filled with this need to prove ourselves. with this need to let others know that we are better then them or that we have what it takes. if within the conversation of spirituality, there are nuances of competition that find their way into conversations. such as: “what church do you go to?” (sometimes asking what denomination; there is an almost presumption that there are better or worse denominations out there to choose from) or whether you are a christian or not, to name a couple of examples.

the idea of loving one another or the “other” isn’t about whether they have experienced Jesus, as important as that may be, our competitive spirit should never lead us to get to know others. we should get to know people, period. no intentions. no philosophies. being honest and authentic and real. love by nature is a virtue without the need to be urgent or competitive or manipulative.

so, is competition ever good? can it be? yes. if it leads us to become the best us that we have to offer to the world. how do we know the difference? i think a good place to start is to ask what reactions arrive out of the competition we are a part of. if they create anger. it might be time to reassess why you are a part of whatever you are a part of. if competitiveness brings out good traits, then pick wisely what you do, and it might be important to ask why you are doing it as well. this could be a good place to start.

we must be weary when competition draws us from disconnecting with people. the point of humanity is to connect with one another. to participate in the global community. but, we must weary of the natures that evolve out of competition, for the safety of humanity.


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