jesus, a good gene.

I heard someone recently put it this way, “I see Jesus as a good contagious gene”…the idea is that we don’t every single that permeates through our body but it can be shared. It can be magnetic. It can be altering to the DNA of the soul. Everything in your narrative I agree with actually. Jesus did come to save us from our sin, past tense. And so, where I am coming from is “let’s move on from there” and see what it looks like to be him in the here and now. The ancient authors of the Old Testament saw heaven as Eden. In fact, when you tear apart the word Eden in Hebrew it comes to mean either Paradise or a perfect place. It was a hearkening back to the days of our progenitors. I definitely think from the cross onwards Jesus has now/is now relying on us to “put the world to rights”. If that better way to live was a healing way to live then it is much more important than what people like Buddha and Ghandi might have offered. There’s were ideologies and I don’t want to sound like I am cheapening other religions, I am definitely not, just creating some distinctness in language. See I would see his resurrection as another nod towards a healing way of life. That we bring resurrection and hope into our contexts. That death, sin and the other pervasive things we got ourselves into don’t have the last word, but Christ does. Which it seems we agree very much on. Interestingly enough there are a huge amount of resources that are popping up now that explain the “judgment language” Jesus uses and how it would have been received by his audience. It would seem important to contextually understand the words of Jesus, and as I am sure you have seen, there are many even ‘Christian’ denominations who have taken their own versions. But why is it important to do this? Because then it helps us approach Scripture, life, and others within a proper narrative and context with which we all can effect change. Going back to the resurrection, I have spent some time in various churches around the world and it seems most talk as if the resurrection of Jesus hasn’t happened yet. As if we are still low-grade worms and there is no hope for humanity. The good news is that now through Christ no person is ever a low-grade worm. We can now embrace phrases like “more than conquerors” and “new creation” with raw assurance that we don’t have to earn it.And through our partnership with Jesus we get to bring the hope of the Kingdom with us. And if you tear apart the phrase “Kingdom of God” and implant it into the first-century Palestine culture, it literally means ‘way of life’. Jesus came to demonstrate what it looks like to follow him and how are actions can save one another as well (e.g., the Good Samaritan). Now I do believe we need him to save us, but from that point on I think it is up to us to take what he has given us and go and effect change. Go and create peace where is none.


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