the progression of passions

time moves forward. things change. beards come and go. we, like flowers — sprout and grow…

at times with these inevitable transformations it might seem like we lose what we have learned…or that we forget what
we have known. but in reality, we are growing. maybe when we were young we dreamed of being peter pan. and as we have grown, our passions have turned outward and more substantial.

before i go further, i must say this, none of the above is wrong. i myself suffer from the peter pan syndrome. and it is a suffering i welcome and will continue to do so. we must be in a place of continually rediscovering our innocence. and never letting go of our original passions. they are what keep the heart beating, no matter how unrealistic they seem to others and even ourselves.

this is not what i am referring to. this is more of the progression of our philosophies. what we believe and how we believe them might change. for some people, it might seem like a need for this to occur. our passions our important to our being, what makes us come alive and why are questions we need to be in the process of chasing down throughout our existence. but in the asking, maybe we can come to the realization that our passions are bigger than us and take time to develop us, and so it means at times they may take us on completely different journeys than we intended. we must be ready for the adventure.

our philosophies and worldviews are companions on the ride. they too are bigger than we are and we must allow room for them to grow and change us along the way. if we don’t, there is a danger that we might not grow. sure maybe the knowledge within the confines of our own man-made borders might seem infinite, but only as infinite as we allow it to be since we are in control of those borders we help create.

they invite us to surrender. to understand we are not in control. and that that is a very good thing. that we can just enjoy the ride and be alive. this is what it means to be passionate. to fully alive. learn that and the rest are all details…



  1. elimortuus · December 18, 2009

    Ooo. So would you say there is any productive way to funnel or channel the “progression” or do you believe it’ll kinda do it’s own thing and we should just embrace that?

    Any tips for staying stedfast?


  2. ACHOR · December 18, 2009

    good question. i think the easiest answer would be to say it’s both. i think in all reality we are shaping what we believe about ourse.ves and passions with the decisions we make daily. we, sometimes without knowing it, make big decisions that we might consider small. so, i think a bit of it is becoming more aware of where we are going (being led by our passions) and where we want to go (leading our passions); i don’t think of them as enemies, i think of the two as friends who might get lost at times. and so it is the ability to find the balance that works right for you and your journey and i would say a good place to start is by answering those two questions: (1) where do you want to be led? and (2) where do you want to lead?

    i am moving website where there is new stuff…

    thanks for the question.


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