homogenous christianity.

Homogenous Christianity will be death of the church if it continues

Plumblines. Coloring in the lines. The white lines on the road. The yellow line down the middle. The fences that separate us from our neighbours. We live in a world divided. The way we live our lives tend be to be divided, and we have become so accustomed to it we don’t even realize it.

We get used to things really easy.

We are creatures of habit as someone once said. We get used to our surroundings, ideas, and beliefs. And if something or someone comes from the outside to challenge those beliefs (like Jesus), we assume before they’ve even opened their mouth that they are wrong, destructive and might even be a heretic. In that regard, we let our safety rule what we do, say and believe. the danger is that when we do this, we then let stagnation settle in. if you think of our beliefs as a carton of milk, then over time if we don’t change the milk, it curdles and becomes useless unless you prefer homemade cottage cheese!! I am not saying that we should scrap all of our beliefs. What am I suggesting is to see that our beliefs were never the point. The carton of milk isn’t the point, the milk is to pour over the cereal, the cereal is what helps keep us alive. The milk carton points to life, but isn’t the life-giver.

There is a danger if we become alike, because there is divinity in our differences. God is in the rainbow as well as the all-blue sky.

Homogeneity doesn’t breed diversity.

If you notice anything in scripture, it is the diversity of those whom God chooses.

Again, this does not mean that we should throw away all the things we believe, but it does mean we should not be scared to ask questions or to seek answers that might even lead us out of the boundaries we have made for ourselves. We have to remember that most of our theology has been framed by our environment, history, upbringing and worldviews. We can’t get away from the reality that we are subjective beings trying to understand God who is outside of our subjectivity. So our beliefs by nature have some sort of influence from our subjective way of being and seeing the world. But it is the differences that creates other differences, and those differences breed even more differences. And differences aren’t right or wrong, they just are. Differences invites discussion rather than repel it. Diversity invites us to see that truth, God, love and other ideologies were and are bigger than Christianity. They are bigger than a system of beliefs. They are things that helped order the cosmos. These ideas are part of a microcosm we all call home. Diversity invites change. Change invites growth. Growth invites movement. And movement invites transformation.


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