was jesus' divinity the point?

If you ever drive on a mountain road that has many twists and turns then you know it is beneficial to have those signs showing you the twists and turns before you get there. The signs lead you to your destination—hopefully in one piece. But if you didn’t have those signs there might be more metal graveyards lining the bottom of the cliffside. The sign isn’t the point, it is what the sign is pointing to that becomes important. The sign is there to provide us pointers (if you will) to our destination. To our end goal, or in personal development terms, to our ultimate potential. In Scripture Jesus says this about himself:

I always do what the Father tells Me to do, I always do what the Father shows Me to do, I always do and only do what the Father wills for Me to do — Jesus

Essentially what Jesus is doing is pointing his mission back to God. Yes, He claimed divinity. He claimed He too was God. But, he was also willing to give all those up to point his purpose back to God. God was his purpose. Interestingly enough, if you read Jesus’ words when he begins his campfire parables, they all start with something like this, “The Kingdom of God is like…”. He never once says, “The Kingdom of Jesus is like”, why? Because he was the sign to point us to God. God was the centre that he encircled his life around. God was the axis He found his balance in. Jesus spent most of his time talking about God even over his own divinity. I am definitely not challenging whether Jesus was God, but I am asking if our focus could be re-shifted on who Jesus spent most of his time talking about?? But, was His divinity the point? There is nothing wrong at all talking to others about or studying about the life of Jesus, nothing at all. Sometime people expend themselves over whether Jesus was divine or not, some might even centre their whole faith on this one point, and yet Jesus doesn’t point to himself, he is the sign pointing us to God.
I would say Jesus was more than just the point or a simple medium, I would also say I am responding to an arm of Christianity that tends to see him as ONLY the point, yet He himself ALWAYS points back to God, and He is willing to even say that He himself isn’t the point on many occasions, even in his prayer he does this many times. Jesus not only came to die and resurrect for us, he also came to show us HOW we could be like him, not one day when…but now. Again the Kingdom of God wasn’t a phrase that would have sounded weird to his audience, Caesar and other Emperors would have used this exact word-for-word phraseology, along with “Son of God” and others, so Jesus is using terminology they would have used before, but he is saying something different than all of his political contemporaries are that He is actually God in the flesh….but he is also inviting us all to see that (his words, not mine) that we can be just like him in the here and now, not one day in the sky. If you dissect the Kingdom of God in the Greek or Hebrew they render the same message…”This New Way of God and Life is Inside of you right now” or “You can live this new way of life now”…hope that helps! Let me know…(again, I am not here to defend rather discuss, this is healthier, because too many times there is this idea within Christianity that there is a right and wrong way to see things, but if we all truly believe in a BIG God than we have to be okay with the reality that there aren’t necessarily right or wrong plumblines with which we see God with, but that hopefully together all of us can embrace the BIGNESS of God being something that we can’t fully tackle with any one theology or any one worldview.


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  1. Peter Davidson · November 17, 2009

    You have a very nice blog here. You may also appreciate the many testimonies of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at http://wetestifyofchrist.blogspot.com. God bless!


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