are we good or bad?

i am in the middle of a conversation about our flawed nature and where our focus on this topic should be…

what’s your thoughts?

I would add to this discussion that sin wasn’t the point. If we start with sin (Genesis 3) then we forget Genesis 1, we come into the middle of the story rather than at the beginning, which is God creating, restoring the wasteland into something beautiful or in this context, making something beautiful out of sin. If we can use the metaphor of mankind being like art critics for a second, then if we look at God’s creation and ongoing work and we begin to separate his work based on what is “good” and what is “bad” than the world becomes dualistic in our minds and nature, and so then the only natural thing to do would be to do the same with all of his work, including ourselves. Not that we aren’t/won’t be flawed. But if we are focusing our energy on the cracks on the vase, wouldn’t that take away from the overall beauty of what the vase was intended to do?

I would add that we are not supposed to be art critics, but art enthusiasts, people who willingly look at the good in all creation. and that our focus on these good qualities will bring out more of the divine already there. That if God meant good for us, wouldn’t it stand to reason for us to expend ourselves focusing on the good rather than try to find a silver lining in the “bad”.


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