Christians say, “let obama be fatherless and wife a widow”, what?

I can’t believe this. Evangelicals are using scripture completely out of context and now advocating a political
agenda to find ways to make sure Obama leaves office or even worse. Check out Brian Mclaren’s thoughts.



  1. hoboduke · November 27, 2009

    Manhattan Declaration reveals the freedom to express your beliefs is stronger than ever. People are being robbed of their futures by financial corruption, government gluttony on taxes, and commercial media that can’t seem to report about unemployment. The devil can quote scripture, as proved by Reverend Wright.


  2. Rick Garner · December 7, 2009

    No, I feel this campaign was blow out of proportion. While the title of your post is the verse following Psalm 109:8, this campaign seemed intent on promoting a means of President Obama being removed from office or not elected for a second term, not being assassinated.

    Latching onto this campaign and supporting it, however, is another example of not knowing one’s Scripture. The verses were a curse and contained other elements which led to confusion and assumptions – thus, a bad idea but not a death threat.


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