quoting the bible: should we be doing this?

Suppose you and I were working on my car and both of us came to a place where we didn’t know what to do next
and we both agreed we need to go out and by a car manual for that specific car to help us fix the car and to get it
to run again, then quoting the Bible might be like you or I getting dogmatic about how to fix the car because that’s
what it says in the book. Quoting scripture with such authority would be like you are I quoting a car manual with such authority. And so if the book says it, we should do it and there is no room for question or no room
for the point that the writer/mechanic might have either written/perceived something incorrectly or interpreted a word or a phrase differently — including us as the ‘now’ readers might do for the ‘then’ writers.

My point isn’t to lessen the importance of the Bible, it is ask questions, to dig deeper, and to see that life is bigger than a book and that even the book invites into life. And so essentially we should be living what we want to see in the world.


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