incarnational and attractional

heres’ a response to someone’s blog about incarnational and attractional models of being church…feel free to jump in on the conversation and check him out over on the blogroll…

I am working on a second book about how consumerism has crept in stolen the intentional message of Jesus, which was by nature incarnational. It is about being fully present, fully aware and BEING Christ. Attractional seems to have developed out of the typical marketing schemes we see so prevalent in ad campaigns and companies. Sometimes the danger is that these styles or models of following Jesus become subconscious manipulation and is all about the ’sale’ rather than the relationship. And Jesus proved He wasn’t about the sale by letting a lot of those who were either interested or who were seeking a quick fix to walk away from the whole thing. I think this is why attractional can’t be the best option. Because over time and maybe even unintentionally, the person becomes the product and stops being a person. Really liked the post. And thanks for the comment on mine. Very cool! Stay in touch, will blogroll you as well….


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