Postmodernism:Why we need it

I understand that postmodern can be quite scary. It can be metaphored as someone pulling the whole rug out from underneath your feet. And most modernists might have been the ones’ to put the rug there. But, nonetheless, the rug is there. But like any old rug it can collect dust, become congested and even old and tattered. So, postmodernism proposes that we need a new rug. A new way to look at things. And the rug they bring in to replace the old rug may look different and may even cover only certain aspects of the floor. But generally, it is a rug. Where the modern rug tried to fit into every genre and every space and find an answer for everything, the postmodern rug seeks to ask questions and understands that sometimes those questions lead to more questions. And that questions are not the enemy, they lead us into a mischevious child-like wonder that draws us to seek the adventure in all we say and do. If we don’t have questions than we have no journey to find the answers. If all we have is answers, what are the right questions? I think postmodernism allows to search. To be in awe and to be in wonder of the reality that life is bigger than finding answers. That life is bigger than certainty. That life is bigger than one religious system. I think also postmodernism reminds us what it looks like to rediscover our innocence. Rabbi Jesus had this tendency to use a child as a metaphor for rediscovering the child like qualities within. The trusting and the curious questioning that both reside within a child’s mind. The audacity to try anything once even if there are apparent dangers staring you in the face. The hunger to want to learn more. The ability to have a wide-eyed defiant hope in the midst of hopeless situations. These are the qualities that postmodernism hopes to reintroduce and restore to the conversation.

Postmodernism is such a vast subject, I definitely don’t seek to contain it in any one blog but only dip into the well of benefits we can gain from it.


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  1. jamesbrett · November 30, 2009

    Good post. It’s been interesting hearing some Christian leaders talk about postmodernism as if it’s something we’re all deciding to commit to — and as if it’s something they can convince us not to be a part of. Rather, we should seek to understand it, and see the good in it. There will be some problems inherent with any system for viewing and understanding life. But some talk about it as if we’re losing the one proper worldview that’s ever existed. Anyway, I enjoyed reading…


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