The Hello Experiment, Or How people are like their pets

So. I am doing a bit of cultural research. I am saying hello to people in different pitches (they say dogs can hear higher pitches than human, this new research might debunk that theory!) with different expressions to see how and if people react. (Just to inform you I am currently in the UK and it is important to remember that in this culture some people are a bit less open to interaction here; much like certain areas of everywhere in the world). This morning I noticed that if you say hello in a lower pitch than normal some people won’t even recognize you said anything. Others, mostly male with respond with the same gorilla-like grunt of affirmation. I think I also scared one Asian woman, I don’t think she was expecting such a chirpy greeting that early in the morning and to be fair it was the highest pitch I had done thus far, might have broke some window somewhere. But, it is interesting how some people choose not to interact either way. I think it does come back to development in our childhood and how we were taught to socialize and even how we interacted with one another in highschool has a huge effect on how we interact with one another. Ironically if we are made for relationship and haven’t learned how to engage one another or have become afraid because of all the “what if’s”, then how are properly being the best us we could be?? I am asking not to encourage guilt, but seeking dialogue on ways to empower others to be in relationship. Sure relationship is different for each one, so how we interact and how much we interact may determine the depth and desire for relationship, which isn’t wrong..but it is a good thing to ask, how am I condoning the art of building relationships which allows me to be the best me??


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