can we dream of ways to change the world….



  1. John · December 2, 2009

    Hi I am from Australia.

    Before you can change the world you have to thoroughly Understand who and what you are in Truth & Reality, and of course the nature of the world too–and how we got to here.

    Without such understanding everything you do will inevitably be an extension of the way things seem to be, that is more of the same dreadful “sanity”. As communicated (or rather propagandized 24/7 by the power of the collective social trance in which we all “live”).

    All of which is to say or ask–perhaps the religion that you subscribe to is itself very much part of the problem?


    • travelersnote · December 2, 2009

      Thanks for the thoughts John!

      I would first respond by saying I don’t advocate any religion. Well, religion in the traditional sense. Religion tends to be defined as a system or set of beliefs that is unchanging and sometimes too easily accepted. Jesus came to invite people into a movement rather than a religion. A movement anyone could join, if they wanted to, you included. I do happen to subscribe to the belief that all people from any walk of life have it already in them to go out and change the world. In fact, what we do everyday or what we don’t do helps determine how the world is changed. The decisions to create peace where there is none, to love the unlovable and so on helps change the world much more than we think or allow ourselves to believe. These seemingly small acts are part of a grander scheme to help restore all of creation to be as it what meant to be.

      I might argue that the ‘understanding’ you claim is part of a lifelong journey rather than a specific moment of conversion where we get all understanding. If we subscribe to a reality where we think we can get understanding, truth or reality in one moment or through an ecstatic experience it tends to cheapen the other reality that we are alive to discover who we are meant to be and that that process would be reduced because the act of understanding by definition is something that naturally takes time and is something we have to be willing to chase after. Maybe we can agree that understanding can happen in a series of lifelong moments, so instead of creating an exclusive hoop to jump through, I would ask, why can’t that cohabitate together?


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