Why Doctrinal approaches reduce scripture…

I am over here:


having a conversation about scripture and how a doctrinal approach to scripture might minimize
what the ultimate purposes of scripture might just be. There is power behind the art of the story,
the jews knew this, Scripture is authoritative (not meaning we can apply it to every situation
with an iron fist) but it has power because it is an encounter with the divine and it leads
us to do so the same. So it is authoritative in the experiential sense. But the stories lead us
to go and write more stories and sit at more campfires…but when we try to turn scripture
into a system of beliefs it tends to reduce the stories more into forensic evidence. And see
the Jews didn’t feel the need to prove God’s existence, because to them, he just existed without
question. They believed like a child. Click on the link above to get a bit more context!


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