Is God bigger than one religion?

to assert that an infinite divine being has committed himself one system of religious beliefs would be like saying
the whole of the ocean could be captured in a one picture. the ocean itself boasts of waves, of tides, of blues and greens and yellows and purples and even beneath the depths of the sea boast a whole story we have barely begun to tap into, much like God. There is so much about God we don’t know. I think belief systems are good, but they in and of themselves are insufficient in showing us all of God. I suscribe to Christianity, but I would also be willing to say that Christianity doesn’t hold the monopoly on all things God. I would say if we think that all of our belief systems can define such a vast God, then we have failed at getting to know the Creator of all humanity and life on earth. I spent 3 weeks in Pakistan recently and I found it very interesting that the those in the Muslim community used the name ‘God’ to describe their relationship with Allah. Which also means God. And the Pakistan Christians wouldn’t get offended or hurt over this assertion, they welcomed it. Why can’t some in the West be okay with seeing God as the God of all religions. There is something to be said about upholding your own beliefs and sharing them with others in friendly dialogue, I think that too is healthy. It gets sticky when we spend all of our energies inserting terms like ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ into the different worldviews each of us possess. I think a better way to start a conversation is what has brought you to this place in your life where you believe what you believe? Or What has your faith taught you about God? I think once we open up the possibility that God might just be bigger than our doctrine, dogmas and beliefs, it makes that much easier to invite dialogue about any worldviews. And I see scripture endorsing dialogue as a way of transformational living.


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