The Jesus and Santa Interview.

What does Christmas mean to you?
Jesus: I like the word Advent. It is an arrival of sorts, an invasion of hope, love, redemption, healing, grace, compassion, forgiveness and transformation that all people can join in and on and Christmas is a reminder that through my birth we can all give this to each other not just one time a year.

Santa: It’s a busy time of the year for me. I am usually in Barbados the rest of the year, I don’t like the cold as much as people might think. I would encapsulate the spirit of Christmas in one word: ‘Giving’.

How do you think people view you?
Jesus: I think people tend to think of me as this religious leader who lived long ago and was trying to start a movement that only a few people could be a part of. But, there is so much more to my message then just the cross, or my divinity, it was always bigger than even me. I was the carrier. I was the one to come to show people how they could be more like the Divine. I hope they can know that now.

Santa: I think most think I am this overwight glutton who promotes entitlement, that’s not how I started out you know. It was about helping those in need and giving them hope. I never meant to be an icon that promotes such oppressive behaviour.

Do you have any challenges to one another?
Jesus: hmmm….just one. Kris, I get the idea behind the good and bad thing but it has gotten into the minds of people that they need to do things to please me or my dad. Sure, love, compassion and giving are good things to do, but I already love people regardless. And it is a bit anemic only because my death has fully restored all of humanity in the eyes of my family..all three of us sit around talking about how good they all could be and are.

Santa: More of a question. Would you ever think about marketing yourself as a chocolate or marshmallow-shaped Jesus?

What is one good thing you would say about each other?
Jesus: I think this fighting over whether one should focus on me or how Santa is the opposite of who I am is a bit of a misnomer. I like that Kris advocates this idea that we are all meant to be givers and not takers and like him be people who freely give without expectation. There are certain aspects of his journey that support my Kingdom. Like the act of generosity that keeps on giving, the jolly disposition and helping out those who are “smaller” than you. Those in need. I wish people wouldn’t give him such a hard time.

Santa: I like his hair. It’s long and flowing like brown-sugared cotton candy. But really, I like that he is about living a better way and loving others unconditionally and never seeking the big sit at the front of the table. I wish we could spend more time together, I know I could learn from him.
Well, Thank you guys for being willing to take part in this interciew. It has been very insightful.

Any last words?
Santa: Live long and prosper.
Jesus: (Thinking to himself: I have been already doing that for a long time now). “Love one another”. There is no better gift wrapped or unwrapped.


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