looking for a christmas present. help ex-child soldiers.

this is a great movement of people who are looking to help ex-child soldiers who make some amazing quality bags for women, and i think men. check it out and support the cause by buying some cool gifts for Christmas. Save a life!

The women employed in our program are formerly abducted child soldiers, often used in captivity as sex slaves. Those lucky enough to escape, often with children of their own, are ostracized due to their affiliation with the rebels. They lack education, and are taught sewing as a part of their brief rehabilitation. With demand for seamstresses already sparse due to the war, many are left without the means to support themselves and their children.

MEND is a socially and environmentally responsible company, made in afflicted emergent regions in hopes of stimulating growth, local employment, and economic stability. Similar to its parent company- Invisible Children, MEND is beginning with northern Uganda, with the possibility of heedful worldwide expansion. In October of 2007, 13 women began to MEND. Our dream is that many more will follow.

MEND Explanation Video from MEND on Vimeo.


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