nationalism has to be reinvented.

nationalism is this idea that our country, our ideas, our worldviews or theologies are the most important thing. that whatever object we hold dear has so much value that we would be willing to die or maybe even kill for. maybe we can revise the way we see nationalism. maybe we can balance our views on any kind of tribal nationalism. because the dangers are when we become extreme about any of the above we support a tyrranical approach to our subjective theories about how the world works and should work. this kind of nationalism, (whether country or ideologically speaking), can actually separate us from one another and break up common ground that we are all made to stand on. if we choose to move forward with our views as the only right views than we have condoned a spirit of exclusivity that seeks to ostracize people and put them in one of those corners where the little bad children go to because they don’t fit our mold. people are connected. when we point the finger we blame ourselves. when our nationalism becomes about promoting our views we make it about us. we don’t make it about them. which is who its supposed to be about. in our ideas, we should find ways to bring people together. we should find ways to promote healing and forgiveness. love and grace. we are responsible for repairing the divine in those we come into contact with. but how can we repair something if we are spending all of out time trying to tear it down?


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