t-shirts equal hope, rosa loves

i have been an organization called Rosa Loves for a bit now and they are doing some amazing things. check them out here


We’re thrilled to pass along the good news that’s recently been received from the Hananasif orphanage. Last year ROSA LOVES sold a t-shirt to raise funds to purchase an irrigation system that would water crops planted by the children. While at Hananasif in Tanzania, children have been taught how to grow fruits and vegetables for themselves and for additional income. We were just informed that many crops have already yielded fruit and profits. One harvest that was mentioned earned them 299,000 TZS (Tanzanian shillings) which roughly amounts to 223 in USD. Photos of melon from that harvest are below.

If you purchased this shirt or shared the story of the Hananasif orphanage, thank you. You have been instrumental in enabling their sustainable agriculture program. Read the original story and view the shirt.

Buying someone a ROSA LOVES t-shirt connects you both to someone in need, and you will be helping them together. Support a story financially with a purchase, and spread the word with the shirt over your heart. The holidays are near, and we’re sure someone dear to you would be elated to receive the gift of ROSA LOVES. Check out our newest t-shirts and give ROSA this holiday season.


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