was jesus the savior?

jesus of the electric

some people view scripture as the ultimate voice on all things god or the ultimate step-by-step recipe book on life. and to do so reduces the historical context and intentions of the writers who live and existed within a particular framework of history, time, culture and language. there is historical proof that some of mark’s ideas about jesus came from Homer’s Odyssey. And other stories might have been easily borrowed from the enigmatic document only known as ‘Q’. But, we have to realize that these authors were trying to convince their communities who they thought Jesus was and how important He was to the movement of love that they had perceived he brought for everyone. which i think is a much better rendering. because as you will see from the link below, the idea of Jesus being the ‘lamb to slaughter’ might not have been an original idea, but one that sprang up from the old Jewish sacrificial system. Did Jesus die for our sins? The disciple writers believed he did. Paul believed he did. Christ’s brother believed he did. But does that make it right? these are good to questions to ask and we shouldn’t be afraid of them.  these questions might just enhance what you might already believe or have you rethink how you have seen things. I think I will leave those questions with you and invite you to grab a cuppa java and read some of the document from the link below and leave a thought or two on what you think….



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