what legos can teach us about each other.

Lego Castle Advent Calendari work for a children’s charity for 3 days a week. today i saw a young child creating something that could seem ludicrous to everyone else, but his mother didn’t care, while the young boy was building his concoctive dream higher and higher (not with much foundational lego support)his mother didn’t correct him, she just provided the support needed to keep his dream alive as he kept dreaming and building. it’s made me think how we partner with one another, sometimes some people will only partner with others if ‘they’ think the project is viable or makes sense or is going in a similar direction to where they want to go. which there is something to be said about that, but i think there is much more developmental benefit if we choose to work together no matter how ludicrous someone’s dreams are on the team. this is also a good metaphor for how good sees our dreams, that he is willing to hold us and them up while we dream, create, deconstruct, reconstruct, God believes in us and will go to great lengths to prove that. He did in so many ways. if we are open to learn from one another then this kind of interaction can have global implications, even if we start simply and in local relationships, we might find that we can accomplish more if we see our fellow journeyors as valuable and capable of bringing something to the conversation.


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