why life isn’t static….

The Tale of Life / El Cuento de la Vida

i think life is really not about finding answers, think about it in journeying terms. if journeying is the process of discovery or the chase or pursuit for possible answers, than finding the answers would be the stops along the way. now, i would say we need some stops along the way to help us more discover who we are. but we tend to talk about that with a static sort of language. “i am a doctor”, “i like cheese”, we uses phrases that almost seem immutible by nature. but the nature of any journey is forward motion, and this isn’t about how much forward motion you gain, this is a journey toward consumerism, it is a journey to find yourself, find truth, fin god, find love, find peace, and find answers…but the answers shouldn’t be the point, why? if you don’t find them, either you will be left despondant with a carboard sign hitching any offered ride towards truth or pseudo-truth, if there is a such a thing and be resigned to stops along the way. i think life is about movement. (now, i know this a bit biased as I am restless in all sense of the word. and it seems i am having one of those days where the rivers of restlessness are sweeping me away) but i am just offering a subjective view on how i have come to see life as this fantasic endless journey that seems to be endlessly forgiving and numblessly aware of my failings, and invites me back onto the road, this is how i see the invitation of God through Jesus, a movement of instant wonder and unforgetful skies that beckon me along lifes paths…


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