i'm still working it out…

i am definitely in the process of committing belief homicide; i think a lot of the stuff that you are going through is the same place i am going through. i think a lot of the ‘churches’ beliefs are a sort of dark myth. but, i believe we need myths, not in the traditional sense, almost like the ‘art of story’ but, myths tend be general and historical, like the story of christmas (like in the article i sent) wasn’t definitive to christianity, it was a story they borrowed. and i think these myths helps us find out more of who we are. i mean, jesus says in one place that ‘we’ are the light of the world, and then a couple/few chapters later, he says ‘he is the light of the world’, i think there is a deep hint of our potential, that we aren’t supposed to be ‘like’ jesus, but that we are currently him now, we are both divine and human, i have another friend who said ‘to be fully divine is to be fully human’…i love that idea. it is the freedom to discovery what that means as life progresses, as it ebbs and flows…i used to think jesus was the point, i do think he is a big deal and important to us, but he spent so much energy pointing himself to the divine. and so essentially saying we too could be directly connected to g-d….any thoughts? i think i need to write about this even if to just do some clearing out…

i used to believe being a christian meant i should go to church and have a good church attendance…the more is better approach — or consumerism

i used to think to be a perfect follower of jesus meant i needed to read the whole bible all the way through and memorize as many verses as possible, another consumer view.

i thought being a christian meant ‘telling’ everyone about hell, and gods’ love as if they were connected.

i thought so much more, but i am realizing that one christianity has been hijacked by fortune 500 consumerist approaches to making the sale. even the way we see scripture as this car manual to fix all of our problems is destructively anemic. i think we are in need of a new black swan event. where we discover we are meant to be more and less all at the same time…and that christianity is not about having all the answers, it is about letting it all go. it is about diving in our the mystery and enjoying the journey with g-d…it is less about what we gain out of it and more of how god is living through us and with us and how we intentionally partner with the divine. this is a bit jumbled, because i am still working it all out….thanks for sticking with me…


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