victim of a small god.

i think mystery is the key to proper understanding. if we leave something as big as god to a set of doctrines, dogmas or subjective truths, then we become victim to a small god confined by a human mind.



  1. John Radice · December 17, 2009

    For all you say and unsay, George, I still feel you are making a god of your own understanding of God. Who is more real to you: God, or what you are thinking about God?


    • conspiracyalive · December 17, 2009

      what has brought you to that conclusion?

      i would argue that the more we say, the less god has freedom to be god.
      i think the attestation to doctrine as the only way to discover god makes him small.
      it would be like saying a tree is part of the forest, when the tree is so much more than
      the forest, but without knowing it, we have already reduced the tree to nothing more than
      an object. see, i would lump doctrine and dogma into the category of what people 'think'about G-d.
      i think we can do without it. and here's the rub, we all see the world and god through subjective eyes.


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