pOOr.... buT hAppY...culture is everywhere. we can’t get away from it. to say something doesn’t have a culture, would be like saying that the place doesn’t really exist. culture is intrinsic to who we are a people. people, not just places, have culture.  you as the reader and i as the writer inhabit a sort of culture.if there were two or more readers than that would be a culture in and of itself. a culture tends to have a certain language within a certain context, within that context there is also a belief system, an ethical or moral code that tends to be tied in with the belief system, and specific rhythms of life that have either been put there because of those who have lived in that culture’s past have created rituals and practices to pass on to the future of that cultural group set or new rituals that are currently being created or revisited and revised.


culture is everywhere we go. it is something we can sometimes enter without even being fully aware that we have entered it. and it is important that we can come to a place where we can be cultural mavens and practitioners without even thinking about it. which is really a life long process that comes with an innate responsibility of sensitivity and awareness. culture is one of the most powerful influencers of history, and when we understand this we can add to the influence in an effective way.


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