joseph and mary billboard offends

the progressive christian community in NZ has decided to put up a billboard with joseph not being up to “step-up”

to being the man mary needs. a lot of the christian community is up in arms about this billboard and think it is a disgrace and historically incorrect. others think, it will get people to talk and think about christmas…what are your thoughts??

i would add the words of the apostle paul (roughly translated): whether the gospel is being slandered or being praised, it is still being preached. i think it is also important to understand some of the jewish mindset behind the authoritative spirit of scripture, which is that they believed the bible wasn’t written to defend god as many use it to do. but that they assume god already existed and lived out their lives in response to that reality. as author Karen Armstrong once said, they thought it was their responsibility to reinterpret scripture so it spoke to the current climate within which it was living…

here is the article with video


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