the pharisees cussed when the would see jesus…

I found this great article on a book about Jesus, mixed in with some expletives, so it is not for the faint at heart. Just copying from another blog, which can be seen here.

i thought the author asked some good questions. thoughts?

I think everyone who knows me will say that I’m not usually one to promote a book. Odds are the reason why is because in all likelihood I haven’t even read it. But this book seemed to good to pass up, so I’m going to suggest it for a topic of discussion even though it’s still in press. I actually stumbled across this book on the Facebook page of an individual I know from undergrad. She had joined the group started by the author. Naturally I was intrigued by the title and after reading the excerpt from the book jacket of OH SHIT! IT’S JESUS: the relevance of Jesus without all the religious crap by Steve Hughes I decided I would share.

“Evolution, Bible thumpers, and Christian hypocrites. What do they have to do with Jesus? Jesus was a peasant day-laborer. His teachings and his miraculous deeds were revolutionary. When religious leaders saw Jesus walking up, out of frustration they would say “Oh shit! It’s Jesus!” Jesus was trouble. He taught that God was more concerned about social justice and the loving restoration of individuals, rather than blind allegiance to an oppressive and irrelevant religious system. When Jesus would walk along the shore of a fishing village, a life hardened fisherman would see Jesus and joyfully shout out “Oh shit! It’s Jesus!” After a hard day of labor, fishermen, women from the fields, and children would sit in the evening sun and listen to Jesus teach about the love and mercy God desires for everyone. The reality and message of Jesus’ life are amazing. You may see organized religion and the church as a negative option for your spiritual life, but I encourage you to look at the actual life of Jesus as a positive choice for your spirituality.”

Chapter titles are as follows:

I Know other Christians but You’re Different

Street Preachers, Jesus Freaks, Bible Thumpers, & Other Annoying People

I Don’t Want to Be a Christian

There’s Nothing Holy about This Book, the Bible

What the Hell!

Dark Matter, Dinosaurs, Darwin, & Dark Chocolate

The Church Sucks

Jesus, Liberator of Women & Social Revolutionary

Las Vegas, Outer Space, Jesus, & You

Steve’s Resume (I could be fired for writing this book).

I want to pose some questions.

1.Do you think this book qualifies as radical and extreme in relation to the present day church?

2. Does it border on heresy, blasphemy, or is it even minutely irreverent toward the divinity of Christ?

3. Do you think the Title was selected as a marketing ploy to increase sales?

4. Do you think books and others like help or hurt the cause of Christ?

5. Based on the excerpt and chapter titles, do you think you would purchase and/or read the book?


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