what ‘the sea inside’ can teach us about euthanasia or are the church losing customers?

i am just watching the movie “The Sea Inside” about a quadraplegic author who would prefer to die rather than live.

i always struggle with this notion of life and choice. because life is so beautiful and itriguing to live and be a part of and the idea of shortening that beauty seems to reduce the experience of life to nothing more than death. but then i come to this place where if the quality of life is fractured and fragmented than is that life at all. and i think it comes down to how one defines what life is. because life isn’t always the roses we see that grow in springtime. it is a beautiful sea, but it can also be a raging one. and so maybe life is about how well we live within whatever experience we are handed, how well we choose to participate in the life we live i think helps determine not only how well we live but also what we contribute while we are alive. i am in a quandry with all of this…

below is a portion of the script from the movie the sea inside and is a conversation between a jesuit priest and the paraplegic character (Ramon) wanting to die. and Ramon makes a comment about how the christian church has used the idea of death as a tool to get ‘customers’, which i think when you think about, especially in light of the reality that the word ‘hell’ was used as rhetoric by the Pharisees to attempt to convert people. but it was more a way of life people could live, not so much a place of destruction and death that those who didn’t say a prayer would go to. i think it is important to understand words like hell, heaven, satan and other parts of the scripture within their first-century context and what they meant then and how they have come to mean what they mean now…

Go upstairs and tell Ramon

…and since we are inside eternity.
Life doesn’t belong to us…

and we take to ridiculous extremes the
bourgeois definition of private property

You are killing me

But if Church was the first one in
secularizing the private property

– I can’t tell him that
– How come?

Should I tell him that?

Freedom to choose my beliefs…no,
his beliefs and decide over his life

Ok, now you tell him

Why does the Church keep that posture
of terror of death with such passion?

Because it knows that it would lose
a great amount of its customers

if people lose their fear to the Great Beyond

He reminds you that according to the polls,
% of the Spanish are in favor of euthanasia

Very well, very well. Now you tell him that
moral issues are not resolved through polls

Because most of the German
people were also in favor of Hitler

Now he is going to compare
me to Hitler. That is very rude

No, not that

Ask him what Hitler has to do with all this

No wait… Padre Francisco, do you hear me?

Yes. Ramon I can hear you

Why do you mix pears with apples?

I hope you didn’t come here to do demagoguery.

Because you Jesuits know a lot about that.

No, no. Of course not.

But since you bring up
demagoguery, my dear Ramon.

Don’t you think that what’s really
demagogic, is to say “Death with dignity”

Why don’t you leave the euphemisms aside
and call things by its name, with all its rawness

“l take my life” and that’s it…

Your interest in me keeps surprising me,
while the institution that you represent

accepts the death penalty and condemned
those who didn’t think the right way,
to the bonfire for centuries

Now you are the one doing demagoguery

Yes of course, but leaving the euphemisms
aside, as you say that’s what you
would have done with me, right?

Burn me alive

Burn me for defending my freedom


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