national geographic: searching the heavens to find a new earth

Noche de luna llena - Full moon nighti am going through this article over at national geographic about all this universal discoveries going on in space and how nasa and other org’s are finding amazing stuff and even planets that look like ours and might be habitable in the future.

but what has got me thinking is: is this search for new planets just more colonialism? are we just spending money, resources, energy and creativity to discover other worlds so we can inhabit them (which is a bit of what is going on in the new movie ‘avatar’).  if so, we need to rewrite a new narrative and new approaches to discovery. it is almost like we have lost the ability to just be in awe of what we discover without finding the need to take it over. i mean when does discovery stop being discovery and become colonialism? i think it is a good question to ask.


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