the end of the story


i don’t know about you, but i am one of those people who like to tell the whole story. yep, i am one of those ones who likes to tell someone the end of the movie even if they haven’t seen the movie yet. it’s like eating a sandwich and not finishing it. or cracking open a can of whatever you drink of choice is and leaving it to go flat. or not eating your vegetables but eating everything else, grant it, they may taste nasty but they are good for you. sometimes, not very often, i read the end of a book first. but, to be honest, i feel like i am cheating on the book. or the drink or the sandwich. because i am meant to experience it. not have it all figured out or consumed. and the best thing about movies is that you really don’t get to fully enjoy it the experience until after you have seen it. for the most part, and as i am getting older, i am becoming more comfortable with the idea of not knowing the end of the story (at times i still struggle with it). but i have always enjoyed life a journey. that’s not a metaphor, life is a journey we get to be a part of. it’s beautiful, scandalous, fragmented and utterly inviting. and if i spend all my time waiting for ‘what’s on the otherside’, i won’t get to experience what is here. what is now. i won’t get to taste and see god, because i am wondering what the next dish is. and essentially what is at the core of a lot of theology that i learned growing up was, wait till the next meal. get excited about the end of the movie. when in reality, we don’t know what happens at the end of the movie. most people that get to ‘see’ the end of the movie don’t come back and tell us about it. sure, there might be a few verses in the ancient scriptures that might hint about it, each religion has their own mythology about it (when i say myth, i don’t mean lies or fables, i mean the powerful narrative that is deeply embedded within our society and history — that carries us along and something we get to help rewrite). but just because their are stories about it, does it mean we spend all of our time thinking about it. when you know the end before the story ends, you don’t get to really enjoy the story now.(don’t get me wrong, i think there is a place, reality, relationship waiting for us one day when, but i think there is more to life then what happens then). i hope we can come to a place where our lives were written to be a part of the story now. in this moment in history. you are breathing for the very purpose to be alive. you have been animated to bring life into every situation you get to experience. i hope you do. i hope i do.


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