theology as an art, rather than doctrine.

The Infamy of a Story Never Toldsurrealism: A 20th-century literary and artistic movement that attempts to express the workings of the subconscious and is characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter.

for centuries theology (which can simply be translated as: words about God; more commonly known as the study of God) has been this sort of belief system bound to certain principles or strict guidelines called doctrine and dogma. when they started out, doctrine and dogma were never the point, they were a loose guideline to lead us into new discoveries. but over time, like shoes, they can all get muddied and what was can no longer be seen or noticed. and they can get worn out and get holes in them and the only thing to do is buy new shoes. and so, maybe doctrine and dogma as structures need to be put to the wayside and allow room for something new. maybe if we can see words about god as this art form we all get to paint with. and maybe even something that those outside of our initial faith group get to help us decorate and discover the bigness of God and all that that entails. and so if we adopt theology as an art, there is a lot more room for discovery, a lot more room for possibility. and maybe even a lot more room for God to breath. seeing theology as something to develop rather than something that is already developed allows God to inabit the spaces we have yet to find. and it allows for anyone (not just those w/ doctorates) to enter and add to the conversation. maybe we can also adopt another metaphor as wall. if we can think of theology as a poem…then we each can add a line or two to the stanza’s and add the vastness of God. we can begin seeing that God can surprise us like a sunburst on a rainy day. or a smile from the most of unexpected strangers. we must be willing to be surprised if we are going to make the shift from doctrine to art. because theological surrealism is something that puts things together in juxtaposition that we might not thing should go together. God as divine and yet vulnerable. God as creator and the created. God as dark and light (Isaiah 45). And despair and hope sitting in the same room. peace and turmoil sharing a mailbox. this new worldview gives us the goggles to see everything around us with a new way to believe and create. it is a more adventurous way to see things.


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