half full or half-empty reality?

Overflow 2

just chatting with a good friend of mine about the ‘glass is half full or empty’ way of thinking. listen in to what we’ve come up with so far.

wonder if its not about the glass, what if the glass was a metaphor for something bigger? what if it is a challenge/reminder to either live (rather than constantly move back and forth from) in the reality that the potential of everything is always possible or to live in the opposite realm where nothing is possible for anything?

i think its important that we come to see that maybe dualism actually creates a diametric worldview where, at the end of the day, there has to be a good or bad. there has to be a dark or light. there has to be a right or wrong. which is really our desire to dominate, use our charter from god wrongly, rule the earth and dominate it are two different things, because even a good ruler allows room for learning, allows space to grow in all areas, a ruler tends to be quite holistic, or should be. and so, when we are told to rule the earth, it doesn’t mean consume everything before we run out, which is quite wrongly, sometimes mistranslated as ‘carpe diem’, a philosophy i hold to. which is less about consummation and more about the experience. and so maybe the whole philosophy of whether your glass if half full or not, is more about what reality you choose to live or not live in…


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