the need for a return: a jewish parable.

i think when coming to our senses, it is good to realize that the relationships we have had during our ‘time away’ haven’t changed. (unless of course your time away was directly relating to that specific relationship). and even if the rift you had with someone was what caused the need for a return, that relationship is still there, it might be fragmented and disjointed and might need space for healing. but i think its important when you are dealing any kind of return that the fear of the relationship dissolving or changing should not be the driving force behind our desire for reparation. but that our need for reconciliation is stronger than our fear. as seen in the jewish parable below.

It is like the son of a king who took to evil ways. The
king sent a tutor to him who appealed to him, saying: ‘Repent my son.’ But
the son sent him back to his father [with a message], ‘How can I have the
effrontery to return? I am ashamed to come before you.’ Thereupon his father
sent back word: ‘My son, is a son ever ashamed to return to his father?
And is it not to your father that you will be returning?’”


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