what sky are you looking at?

if you walk outside the door and see a blue sky, the danger would be to assume that the sky in Baghdad is blue too. when really that might not be the case. for years, the skies in Baghdad have been covered in blood. their sky is different to ours. it might have the occasional cloud that is peppered with the same amount of clouds as the clouds outside your door, but to be sure the sky is different.
it would be naive to assume that what we experience is what everyone else experience. it would be us living in a small world and accepting small worldviews. religion is the same, seeing the world only through our religious worldview would be like assuming that our sky is like everyone else’s or should be. that isn’t to say that we don’t talk about our worldviews, i think that is necessary for all of us to grow and see the beauty and divinity within our differences. because God is truly everywhere. but it is also important to see that our sky is not the only sky. that the sky itself is too big for one group of people. that we all get to add to the sky. it is important we come to a place where God is allowed to be God. where we find that the point isn’t whether our part of the sky is right or wrong, but whether or not we are being changed by the sky we look at..


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