i have been wondering something for a while now. there is an idea that forgiveness (like the soul-cleansing kind) is only reserved for God, who apparently is somewhere out there. Now, that I am becoming the pope, because I think he has way too much clout to be honest, but i am wondering when Jesus said ” you will do greater things than me”…did he also include forgiveness. Sure, we can accept an apology. But, simply put, isn’t that forgiveness. And so, even though we have the ‘divine spark’ within, we just don’t have enough hit points (like some of those arcade games where you have to earn experience to move forward); and so can we divinely forgive?

here’s the thing, i don’t think these questions change who God is. I don’t think questions are the enemy at all. If we are going to fight anything, let’s fight legalism.

In the hebrew, a word for forgiveness means ‘to stand up’, interestingly enough the idea is that unforgiveness immobilises you. both parties, that is. that forgiveness encourages forward motion. and so can we forgive like God, can we change each others lives? I think the Good Samaritan says we can. The guy who cares for the Samaritan uses some oil (consecration) and also pays with two-shekels which alludes to a sacrificial payment in the Old Testament. So, the non-believer absolves/pardons the believer by caring for him. it’s as if compassion is the new forgiveness. its as if compassion breaks borders and steps over boundaries and restores things as they were meant to be. which is also what forgiveness does.


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