is new year something we believe in?

so lets chat about the new year.

is the new year the new year because we believe its the new year or is the new year the new year because it always has been (or both)?

belief makes a lot of things come true. the prognosis of hysteria says that when a person believes something is happening that somehow psychologically the body as a whole reacts as if that reality is true — whether it is or not.

and if you follow the history of time, calendars and seasons. it takes us to this period in history where people sort of worshipped their gods based on certain seasons.

so if there was a drought, they thought they would need to appease the gods by offering a sacrifice of some kind.
it was a systematic reply to a practical need. and sometimes they would get lucky and ‘gods’ or the rain would fall. and so, have we too learned to worship the seasons? i may be overstating my case here, i realize that, this more for basic discussion rather than a proper philosophy. but, it does make you think what other practices we have in our lives, with God, in churches, and in our relationships that have crept up not because they necessarily needed to, but because we too believed the importance of those certain things at a particular point in time.


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