words are useless when speaking about god

theological noncognitivism sounds like something you catch. a disease of sorts. and if it is, then maybe its a good thing. the idea stems from atheist philosophy. but maybe we can adopt it as a ‘christian’ one. this theory says that words as they are don’t properly register into our psyche. for example, the word God doesn’t fully compute in our brain, because the word itself is limited. sometimes by our own cognitive processes, and others by the use of the word. and so the proposal is that we leave God to mystery. that we divorces ourselves from theology, which itself is only limited by being human. (not that being human is bad, but we also have to accept that we have limits. and so this idea, or the one i am trying to get across (and I talk about in my new book) is the need for silence. the need for mystery. the need to see that theology is the faux amis (false friend) of God. that all we can do is simply sit and rest in the hugeness that is God. but its too uncomfortable to do so, because the moment we get to say something, God has become that much smaller and finite. and so the only option is to let silence dictate to us the endless possibilities of the divine.



  1. Mare Cromwell · January 6, 2010

    beautiful. our thoughts are not the sames as our feelings though. or our instincts for that matter.

    but the Great Mystery is so beyond all of those aspects of ourselves. yet, we can catch glimpses in the silence, in the flower, in having our hearts touched. perhaps the answer is to not try to put it into words but allow the feeling of the divine bliss come over us fully.

    thank you the window to wisdom here.. thank you.


    • travelersnote · January 6, 2010

      thanks Mare! Yes, i agree, I think our thoughts and feelings aren’t the same, sometimes they can be. and feelings can also help us and be a good thing. sometime our feelings and inclinations get demonized at the expense of our humanity. and i am more drawn to the silence of the great mystery, because it is the mystery that draws me in. thanks for the thoughts and stopping by. feel free to check out my new website: http://theloverevolution.org.uk — book to come soon!


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