a reformation of words: why politics must change.

listen i am all for peace. don’t get me wrong. i am for the peace that is a new kind of reality that we all get to share in. i believe its real and can happen. but we all have to want it. and it can’t be forced. it has to be a partnership we work on together. but when the US government goes around in the name of pushing peace, I am not sure I can condone that kind of mentality.  In one place, Jesus says he ‘leaves’ us his peace, and then he says he gives it to us right after that. these two words aren’t forced or pushed.  and so the language of saying that other countries are at risk or a threat, isn’t that still the underlying presupposition that we might be forced to ‘enforce’ peace? i am wondering if we need to deconstruct some of our rhetoric even in the oval office? i mean these kinds of questions should be asked. no matter how much red tape or nice political language is being used, at the end of the day, its still the school yard bully trying to get the last word. and some times, i get it, when can be on both sides of that fence. so, i am proposing that we discuss things like equals, not like the homeless have been treated by the ignorant pedestrians that pass by. that maybe we need a reformation of words. not just in the white house, but even mostly in our churches.


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