theological neanderthals

so the neanderthals were this primitive race who live during the development of civilization. their contemporaries would go on and create such technology as the wheel and then later on, many many years, we would have electricity and so on. but this race never changed. and that is the change in churches, in theology, in heart and in mind. that we don’t change. and if we don’t change we are no better than theological neanderthals. this is not some slam on conservatives or anyone for that matter, it is a reminder that change in all aspects of our development aren’t such a bad thing. scary sure. but lest we get stuck in rut and start calling that rut home, a reformation is at hand or the need for one should be. and so, let us move on from the ‘old ways’, let’s press on and find out what is next in the great unknown, for that is where god is, and the greatest adventure awaits us…


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